Unofficial Club Rankings

Unofficial Club Rankings for Topic Clusters with >100,000 estimated recent listens. Clubs shown are in the top 5% for listener retention (75% of the score) and room size (25% of the score).

Topic Cluster 1 – Top Keywords: women, clubhouse, black, men, business, ch, vaccine, people, get, let, new, real, media, estate, make, talk, social, ‍, tips, want, $, vs, grow, u, ‍♂️, money, need, 10, biz, ❤️, white, us, secrets, room, covid-19, dating, stop, online, re, jt, news, come, 2, biden, mindset, brand, man, 7, love, know

  1. Support A Vision Inc.
  2. The Million Marathon
  3. Preservation of the Human Race
  4. Cocoa Connection
  5. Two America’s
  7. Our Mindset
  8. Single in the City
  9. Cuffing Lounge

Topic Cluster 2 – Top Keywords: و, با, در, از, به, یا, های, ایران, », «, را, ها, دولت, تا, چه, کلاب, rec, که, برای, است, شب, ای, حضور, دکتر, چرا, ‍, کرونا, ما, ؟, قسمت, ،, بیا, شما, …, بازار, زنده, هاوس, پاسخ, شد, بر, رییسی, روز, pcc, بررسی, افغانستان, طالبان, جلسه, پخش

  1. NIC کنگره ملی ایرانیان
  2. سیاست در سایه
  3. جدال داغ

Topic Cluster 3 – Top Keywords: เราจะร้องจนกว่าคุณจะหลับยันตื่น, x, สัปดาห์วิทยาศาสตร์, ทำไม, ‘, ศาลานักวิทย์, whyitmatters, ถึงสำคัญ, 1, clubhouse, car, vs, talk, งบกลาง, ep, lunch, [, ], mob, ตลาดนัดคลับเฮาส์, 7, daily, topics, live, หนุ่ยทอล์ก, กับ, 10, วิวาทะ, เชิญพ่อค้าแม่ค้าลูกค้าเร่เข้ามาๆ, back, 15, จาก, ตีแผ่งบ, 65, ร้องเพลงวันสุดท้าย, 8, ep.6, 5, defi, ไม่ใช่พี่ป๋อง, แต่อยากฟังเรื่องผี, ทักษิณ, science, ep1, park

  1. ห้องส่องทางไกล

Topic Cluster 4 – Top Keywords: ulla, followers, strictly, room, ❤️, /, vanga, whatsapp, venuma, ponga, ♥️, allitu, magic, 18+, vaanga, sex, insta, wanted, ✨, nanga, 1min, vangoo, call, ch, vaa, app, oda, private, ❌, number, *, jattikkul, jungles, art, snap, ketu, talks, va, 20+, ❤, irukom, exchange, kudukama, ‘s, bf/gf, tamil, pongoo, erupoma, strictly18+, lovers

  1. Girl$ Pill

Topic Cluster 5 – Top Keywords: startup, pitch, job, tech, investors, business, connect, marketing, founders, vcs, seekers, meet, ask, speaking, lets, big, inspiring, introduce, get, public, share, practice, vc, room™, 60, linkedin, sales, startups, let, founder, work, tips, uk, intros, ‍, smart, brand, faang, interviews, angel, good, networking, come, learn, asian, game, communicate, effectively, weekly

  1. Sustainability Leadership

Topic Cluster 6 – Top Keywords: imen, meditation, music, ‍♂️, با, piano, های, بهترین, daily, spa, ساعاتی, و, -playlist, lullaby, club, ✨, guitar, night, saxophone, nature, ‍♀️, min, harp, audio, ☸️, sponsored, ساعتی, happy, friday, ✨vibrate, higher, 10, 20, ❤️, guided, به, flashbacks, drum, ♬, sleep, mindfulness, ‍♂️by, ‍healing, work, relax, sound, flute, ♥️☝, cinematic

  2. Mystic Sisters
  3. My Quietude
  4. Meditation Room


  • Unofficial: These ratings are not associated with or endorsed by the platform.
  • Club: A club on the platform.
  • Rankings: Clubs are ranked by analyzing listener retention and room size in rooms hosted by a club. A room’s score is based 75% on listener retention and 25% on room size. A Club’s score is the average of the top 5 highest room scores within a Topic Cluster. (Every Club was ranked, but only the top 5% of Clubs are shown here).
  • Topic Cluster: Listeners don’t jump from room to room at random – they only go to rooms that interest them! Topic Clusters show room title keywords from rooms that all attract the same users.
  • Listener Retention: How long a listener stays in a room… or the statistical distribution of how long listeners stay in the room.
  • Room Size: The total number of listeners that listened in a room for at least 5 minutes. (This is not the number of people that are in a room at the same time).
  • Recent: Based on rooms held in August 2021 and September 2021.

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